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Automation in Urban Mobility

Automation in Urban Mobility

Aeromovel is an urban transport solution presenting important advantages in terms of economy, safety and comfort to users.
The fully automated system concept, which runs on an elevated guideway driven by air pressure, establishes new standards for sustainable and innovative mobility.
Through the integration with other transportation systems, the Aeromovel complements the existing solutions with low impact and provides quality of life to people.

Main characteristics of the AEROMOVEL System

• Low cost for implantation, operation and maintenance;
• Low energy consumption;
• Automated operation;
• Low dispossession rate due to its flexibility.

• Low waiting time and travel time;
• Easy access to stations.

• Redundant safety systems;
• Generators to ensure operation even with power outage.

• ‘Clean’ technology with electric motors, without emission of pollutants;
• Elevated and less thick structures with modern design and low visual impact;
• Stationary electric motors and fans with acoustic insulation;
• Project presents full compliance with environmental legislations in force.

• Automated acceleration and deceleration according to international standard of comfort;
• Silent vehicles, without motor noise and with a modern design;
• Universal accessibility with space for wheelchair users and aged.

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In 1989, the project was successfully implemented in Jakarta, Indonesia capital, where it has operated with excellence in these 27 years. It is a round line, 3.6 km long, with 6 stations, built inside an ecological park that shelter, among other things, theaters and hotels.

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Porto Alegre AEROMOVEL Case

On August 10, 2013, President Dilma Rouseff inaugurated the first aeromobile of Brazil in Porto Alegre. Developed by the Coester Group, the system is a case of innovation in urban mobility.
The solution connects the subway’s Airport Station to Terminal 1 of Salgado Filho Airport. The vehicles transit on an elevated track and they are moved by air, traveling 1010 meters in about 90 seconds.
President Dilma was at the inauguration ceremony and she participated in the inaugural trip. She underscored the sustainable nature of the aeromobile – which, being electric, do not pollute. She praised the project idealized by Oskar Coester, CEO of the group: “Today, I participate in the inauguration of a symbol we are installing. It shows we are indeed capable of innovating.”
It was a historic day for Brazilian mobility, which Coester had the honor of helping to construct.

Other information about the aeromobile can be found here. (

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Canoas city, located in Porto Alegre (RS) metropolitan area, will have its first Aeromovel line. The works, to be started in 2016, will cover 4.6 km and 7 stations. Line 1 will connect Guajuviras Neighborhood to Mathias Velho Trensurb Station. Two other lines are expected for Canoas, in addition to Line 1 extension, which will, together, cover 18 km with 27 stations.

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