Quality policy

Coester is continuously improving its products, services and processes to meet clients’ expectations and requirements and assumes the following commitments:

  • Value and motivate collaborators.

  • Work focused on result.

  • Develop quality and reliable relations with clients and suppliers.

  • Comply with and continuously improve the quality management system.

  • Requirements

    Price, term, reliability, service, technology and integrated solutions.

    HSE (Health, Environment and Safety) Policies

  • Complying with the legislation, safety standards and occupational medicine.

  • Preserving the environment by promoting the sustainable use of resources.


Develop and provide solutions for valve and transport system automation with innovation as main competitive differential.


We innovate to improve people's lives.


  • Well-being

    We work for the well-being of all.

  • Commitment

    Our commitment involves motivation and responsibility for results.

  • Ethics

    Respect, trust and transparence are translated in the ethics present in our essence.

  • Innovation

    It is what challenges us and makes us provide solution and knowledge.

  • Excelência

    Nossa busca é constante, com foco em entregar, a cada dia, o melhor para o cliente.