• MB Box

    Transforms your standard actuator into intelligent actuator, ensuring plan standardization. Capacity to connect any type and brand of standard actuator in Modbus RTU or Modbus/TCP network.

  • IHM FX5 / FX7 / FX10

    Communication interface with COESTER actuators with capacity to command up to 60 actuators in Modbus RTU and/or Modbus/TCP network. With touch screen and intuitive graphic interface, facilitates the operation of actuators in locations with difficult access and makes possible viewing position status, torque and all alarms available in actuators. In the remote communication mode, it allows other devices like computers and smartphones to operate the HMI from any place with access to the HMI network, permitting control and interlocking of devices.

  • Master Station Netmaster II

    Its function is to control the communication network and concentrate the system data. It also works as FIU (field interface unit), remote operation interface and interface with supervisory control systems.  Designed for aggressive environments, it is fully built in solid state. It makes possible network topology with ring redundancy and the use of two NetMaster II in hot redundancy for high availability systems, supporting up to 200 actuators.

  • Navegador II

    Software for configuration and control of actuators for Windows environment. It counts on configurable alarms and allows diagnosis of failures in actuators and communication network, in addition to formatting operational data banks.

    Allows predictive maintenance of valves based on the history of torque curves.